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Friday, June 05, 2009

Hi, im finally got the mood to post something. After dunno how long.

For all those who know my injury, im fine, just need for the bone to align or something like that. To let it heal. Thanks for all your concern. For those who dunno what happen, i broke my ankle. Nothing glorious, so not going to post how it happened.

These few weeks spending time at home, not much to do really except resting and more resting. Cant move around like i used to. If im too lazy to use crutches, i just hop to the place. Its home, so everything is so close.

I realised that using the crutches is a laborious chore, except when i need to walk like 100m or more. Ha. Really, 100m already tiring liao. Dont underestimate the stupid crutches, or should i say the usage of it.

Anyway, i have time to catch up on america idol. I initially supported Allison Iraheta. Her voice is so unique and very powerful too. But i guess she chose alot of wrong songs. She made it to top 4, so yar. Not say i changed who i supported later, but i wanted to Adam Lambert to win. He's freaking good. Freaking. If compare vocals, allison lose to him. But i was so disappointed by the results. Its the pretty boy, Kris Allen who won. His singing was so mediocre compared to adam, and he won.

Then today i heard from my brother, that every american idol is different, ranging from Kelly Clarkson(pop), Carrie Underwood(country), Taylor Hicks(oldest contestant), Jordin Spark(youngest Contestant), David Cook(rock). So he say, this time is the first gay singer to have won. I was like...what??? Really? I thought i saw kris hugging his girlfriend when he won?? He said no, but i insisted. So i checked it out.
There's a lot going on in america, but i dont know, cause im not in america. But..

Guess what, kris allen is married. lols. And the one who was, ok, not confirmed, but in question of his sexuality(by the media), was adam! Totally opposite from what my brother said. What an irony. But, i finally got it. Why did adam lose? Why? As i have read it's partially due to his sexuality "question". Like wtf? This is a singing competition. Not a finding for spouse programme. Hello? Vote for the best. The BEST. I cant vote, im not in america. This is really not fair to him.

But i know he's going to make it far. Elton john did (fyi, he's a not straight). Yar, and chris daughtry, he came in 4th, but is a WORLDWIDE sensation/star now! So even if you didnt win, you still can make it big.

The most disappointing season yet to have watched(didnt watch all the seasons). Talent should be recognised.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yesterday went to eat buffet. Planned to have a dessert buffet for a very very long time already. But we didnt manage to have one after all. The thing is i think yesterday was one of the most crappiest day of my life, in a good-bad way. We had fun that is.

Ok, we were supposed to have buffet at pete's place @ hyatt. But evelyn say scott lounge @ hyatt has more dessert. So, we decided to go there, end up there, went in and sat down. Glance around and what came to mind, OH SHIT. HAHA! Yes, the selection was so little i could barely believe. Then we gave a crap reason to walk out of the place, feeling damn pai seh. So, if you are thinking we went to pete's place instead, you're wrong! Haha. Because before we went to scott lounge, we went pete's place to check out the pricing and everything, the person-in-charge told us the price and offer us to go inside to see. But thinking it was the same price as scott lounge, we rejected his offer, in quite an awkward manner. (because we THOUGHT the scott lounge was better and looks nicer inside. we were damn bloody wrong!)

So we walk to meritus mandrian to have buffet, only to realised that the restaurant was under renovation. So crap! So we anyhow walk around thinking what to eat. Then it started RAINING!!! crap shit! We ran into taka. We decided to go carousel, so we called them to see if there's available spaces. But there was none. -.-. Decided to eat Sakura, so walked there, then decided to NYDC. Cause i got phobia of sakura! The last time i ate it, it was like...really...

Ok, i know it sounds bad, but we had lots of crap moments. Although we feel sian cause walk here and there, but it was fun too. We didnt like bu shuang then start sian-ing and emo-ing. Hey, in fact we crap all the way. Kinda weird. Haha. I think if i did this with other people, it would most probably be damn sian. But at least we still continue crapping.

Anyway, we went into a sex shop! Yes! we did! Haha! Unexpectedly easy to get in! Saw lots of crap things! But we only went in for awhile, cause we are on our way to meritus mandrian. There was this cup with a women with extremely huge boobs. Haha!!!

Anyway after NYDC, we decided to eat dessert. But again, we loiter here and there, and then here and there again, again and AGAIN! Haha! We were crapping while walk back and forth! End up at some dessert shop (actually something like starbucks). I ordered the worse cake!! At first everyone thinks it looks the best, but when we started eating it, crap its just normal chocolate sponge cake!!! I HATE sponge cake!!! But while we are there, we acted like idiots! We act like the "zhong yi da ge da" the people while eating the cake! Exaggerated expression of "good" food. Haha! I tried uploading the videos we taken but facebook screwed up. So too bad. I will try again some other time. Finished the cakes and left.

We decided to go walk to dhoby to take MRT, on the way...we went into another sex shop! Haha! Cause the last time we went in for awhile only! This time we walked the whole store! Haha! Lots of crap! There is this EXTREMELY big condom! I mean really really big! Like the size of a clenched fist! And there was also a glow in the dark one too! Some erotic card games. Vibrators. Crap lor! Seriously, we keep laughing and laughing! The whole store was like damn horny lor. All the crap stuff. Btw i saw a handcuff, it cost $52 or $58, i cant remember the price but it was damn expensive! My aunt called me while i was inside, she ask "where are you now?". I repeated her question out loud then both evelyn and alvin started laughing. Actually my aunt was reminding me that i have to go home to take my antibotics. Crap. I totally forgot, because of all the crap we did! lols!!

On the way to dhoby, there was this policeman at the istana, i dunno how to spell. Haha! Anyway, he stand damn sloppy-ly. Crap! Wanted to take a photo, but we cant. Haha! Standing like some...nvm. Later i kinda police by saying anymore.

Reached dhoby and took some ghost like pictures! And tried making a ghost video! Damn crap!

Went home, feeling damn crappy. Thats all.

Taking picture while crossing the ROAD???

HOLE in evelyn's cake. Wanted to ask the waiter why.

My ABSOLUTELY "delicious" cake

Hey. Watcha doing??

This is what i call act cute. HAHA!

Alvin trying to act shuai with hair for the last time. LAME!


Ghost following alvin!!

Oh! No, you're wrong, this is not a ghost. She's just a demented kido. HAHA!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I freaking knew she could sing. When i heard "just dance", there is some power behind her voice. Unlike most songs of this genre. I was freaking right!

Watch this to believe it (watch till at least 2.00mins, although 1.45++ was awesome. actually the whole song is damn cute). And oh, btw, im talking about Lady Gaga. She songs makes me feel like dancing. The beats are fucking wicked i tell you. Lady Gaga! Woohoo! She's damn cute. haha!

This is a lame post.

The recommendation to the brownies (talked about it in the last post) at Mrs Field Brownie (actually i didnt even know the shop name. how weird is that. nice but never see shop name. haha. now i know) was by evelyn. -.-. thanks. haha. Hey people you should really try it. It's damn nice. Ok maybe im bias cause i freaking love brownies. Haha.

BTW, anyone game for DESSERT BUFFET please sms me asap. Haha. Wonder whos game enough to take the fats. Haha! Ok im not detering you. Just come it will be awesome i promise.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally, after a long struggle between wanting to post and my pure laziness. I finally manage to defeat the devil itself (me) and decided i need to post. Haha. Shall talk bout what i did recently.

I think the most exciting thing (yar, my life is so boring) happened last Sunday. Supposed to meet at 8pm but evelyn finished her outing earlier? i guess? So changed to 7.15. Problem is i need to go to alvin's house to print my NTU application. So i told alvin to tell her that we meet at 7.30pm. But as usual i was doing things too slowly, that is about 7.15-7.20 when i left house, so i told alvin, forget it. Shall just go his house another day, cause we'll be freaking late. So met at city hall mrt about 7.45. Haha. We're so late. I thought evelyn would like...kill us or something. But she never even complain! Hm...quite surprised. Haha. So wanted to have dinner but just cant decide. So just yi bian walk yi bian decide what to eat. Decided billy bombers but we walked past it, decided to eat something else. But went back there at last, cause we really cant decide what to eat. -.-. Order and eat. And they actually changed my whole dish cause the spring chicken had blood inside, yar, its uncooked. Waited damn bloody long. And both of them have to purposely eat VERY slow to wait for me. Haha. Too bad.

Later, went esplanade, and ate brownies. I tell you. Wa lao, One of the best i have eaten. I love brownies, But hardly eat them cause for one small piece it's usually quite ex. But there was not too ex, but super delicious. Haha. Went to roof top, and talk. I cant remember what we said, but it range from politics (boring, so its just 3mins talk) to music. Haha, actually earlier, i as thinking we might not have things to talk about. But i just flow. Haha. I guess we're damn chatty. Haha. Had fun. And next time would be dessert buffet. I think she's the only girl game enought for the fats have. Thin people can eat what they like without scared of being fat. Although im not thin (due to my past fatty-ness, haha.) but no matter how much i eat now, i wouldnt even gain a kg. Woohoo! great for me! So eating is my kinda thing. And i've got a sweet tooth and maybe a i-want-good-delicious-food kinda mind. Haha!

So later in the week i went to learn driving. After 2 weeks break from driving, I really forgot how to handle the car. I fucking hate the freaking clutch. Wa lao. Sick man. I drive like a noob can. I dread driving lessons now. But after today (i had driving lessons today), i think i got improve abit. So hm...i think im fine with it now, but my instructor is so fierce. I damn scare to make any mistakes!!! Wa lao, damn stress. Hai, tml got another lesson again, Then can rest till 1/4/09 (another lesson). Everytime got driving lessons i will feel damn sian the day before and the day itself before the lesson. I dread driving more than going to school. I dunno why. I think some of you might call me lame. Or noob shit. But i dont have talent for driving. Hai, who dare to sit my car next time. Haha!!

Anyway, i did went to alvin's house this week, went to apply for NTU and print. Didnt really care much about NUS application cause dont have the course i really like. So just apply without printing. But NTU is important. Haha. Anyway, after applying i got him to play bleeding love. Wa lao. Pro lor he. Anyway, he ask me to sing along, cause he say since you like singing so much just sing lar. Luckily his parents not at home or else damn pai seh. So i did sing. And it is fun , a different kind of feeling compare to karaoke type. Haha, cause a real life guitarist will follow your tempo and everything. So, yar, quite fun. Then later we went online to search for more songs and tabs for the guitar. I would say like, hey can you play this, most of the time he would already know the song?? Wa lao, can memorise so many song sia!! Cause maybe i requested the song more popular that type, so probably he already know. Haha. Of course some he doesnt, but he look at the tabs for awhile, hey and i seriously meant awhile then he can side reading and play liao, most of the time dont even have to look at the tabs, cause i think he knows the song and so just follow the tune in his mind.

I say, how i wish i could play the guitar and so i can strum and sing. Wa seh, that would be damn cool. That he say, you dunno say how long ago want to learn but never did. I thought for awhile, and thought, yar. I can really procrastinate! Haha. Anyway, look at the tabs and all scares the shit outta me liao. So difficult and the hand play till the pain is numbed away by the number of practices. Hai, playing the guitar is anot an easy task. Haha. I guess i just dont have the determination.

End of the long post. Haha. Wait for few more weeks for another one. Haha! Kidding lar. Might be doing one for the up coming 0715 chalet on 28/3. I think i would be fun. So long never meet liao. Feel like changing my blog skin (inspired by jh) but too lazy. Shall see first. Ok, bye for now.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Omg, this video tell you what i bimbo is.

Around 2.22, the pink shirt singer even need the back up of the girl. What a loser. I think the center guy,萧敬腾, own their shit. According to the title of the video the two guys are from 棒棒堂. I dont know how they look (well now i know),but i know its a bimbotic himbotic group. They suck so bad. Ok i know i might get alot of scolding from this comment. But just watch, AND LAUGH!!!

This is the first time i'm seeing a-mei singing in english!

It's un-freaking-real. It's so good. I think she's the only few chinese singer that could pull off this song so effortlessly (one of them includes faye from F.I.R). Haha. Enjoy. For your information this is a freaking difficult song.

Tomorrow is the day, the day im slaughter.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

wow, i hadn't notice that its been one then a month since i last post. I guess people are already sick of coming back to check out this dead blog. Really nothing much to talk about it my boring little life.

Its good rotting at home you know, like sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up. No need to care about anything or anyone. Its just me. I can do what i feel like doing at that instance and whatever i feel like doing.

But i cant help thinking, what if my life is like that forever (though technically not possible). It would be F-ing boring. Maybe 2-3 months of slacking would be good for a change in my life, but definitely not the rest of my screwed up life. I rather feel screwed up.

I hope my life would get better, after i become more mature, after i grow up. Well, im 18 already, but have i grown out of my self destructing personality. I dont think so, ok well, at the least i dont really know. I keep thinking and thinking. Is life= Is it? I dont really get it. Whats life, why are we living? It is because we live for the sake of living, to just reproduce and die off from the face of this world just like the scientific theory? What is it? To carry out the so called "mission" or are we here because of a higher being? What is it we are living for?

Its not because of this long holiday that i think of such stuff and im not in depression or anything like that. It's just that when i spend time doing nothing i will think of such things. Maybe i should drown myself in work and nothing else. To get over with this life. If there's a heaven, i wish i was there. If there someone who could enlighten me of my stupid, self destructing thoughts (not the suicidal type), i wish that person is here right now.

Everytime i want to do something i would procrastinate, everytime i think of my life it would be something bad. Is there nothing good in my life some would ask. Of course there is, but i tend to forgot them when the bad ones flood me. I cant even think of one right now. It shows how am i feeling right now.

Decided to stop the writing of what some of you like to call the human study. Btw, that term is fucked up. Its so fucking lame. No offence though. Im thinking, who am i to judge you. Who the fuck am i to even write anything about anyone. Do i even know you? Btw, do you even know who i am? No, i can say, no one had ever really known who i am, what kind of person i am. Kind of sad huh. But i can say, it this world, if anyone really really know you. Well then, you're fucking in luck. Im talking about really knowing you. Be true to yourself and think for just a minute. Hm...your answer? Haha. I dont need to know the answer, nor do i wish to hear it.

But one things for sure, i want to thank all my friends.

But dreams just aren't enough
So I'll be waiting for the real thing

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today was reunion dinner with the class. Well most of them. The amount of people was just nice, not too much, not too little. Kinda glad it was a success. After much preparation. Dont deserve the nonsense you all were saying. Lame. Relax, not angry here, just feeling kinda LAMED-OUT. Haha. Wouldnt delete any post, make me look guilty of something. Haha. More praises to all my friends. You all deserve it.

Ok, so, we thought cheryl would lose her way to my house as i sms-ed the correct address quite late, and we cant get her cause her battery flat. We were quite worried she wouldnt make it alive to my house. But she DID!! Haha. Then the smarty-pants chuen hwee and gh late cause they CLEVERLY watched the 4++pm Red Cliff show. Woohoo. ALL HAIL THE SMART CHAPS.!!! Haha. And honghao went to his grandma house to eat steamboat, which he will go to eat steamboat again tml. -.-... Exact same place with steamboat again. Cant he just skip this one, tml will go again anyway. Haha. But his parent like not too happy if he dont go. so...ya. too bad.

Haha, cheryl and hong hao wear couple tee today. Both black V-necked button tee and denim jeans. Wa! So pei man. Haha. I think you two are telepathy already. Congrats. And when leaving cheryl actually recognise their relationship. Ok, i'll be kind and not cause any misunderstanding, Cheryl said it jokingly, cause she intended it to be one.

Eat till feel like exploding into pieces. Eat steamboat then later yu sheng then longan dessert. Wa kao! Exploded!! Haha.

Thanks for coming everyone. The total bill is $145+. But still i collected $15/pax from 10 people. Haha. Eat away $5. Easier collect lar. Ok. If you really feel like i cheated you, please sms me your name, NRIC and address. i will post The $0.50 to you as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. -.-.

Ok so as promise, every post will have my thanks to one friend, until i have really nothing to post bout you. Sorry bout that. Your just to boring. Haha. Kidding lar.

Ok, today will be on the one and only Guai Lan Kia. Chuen hwee. Shall call him chuen for short. Woohoo. Applause!

During the first three months, chuen was, to me, a very action person, with a weird or should i say wrong sense of direction. I was like thinking to myself. Hm...this guy's weird. Haha.

But he turn out to be one of the best person in the class. Very on, on most thing. And quite talkative too, in a good way of course. Haha. So will talk to him bout stuffs. I think, we both like to have fun, thats can click. Is it spelled like that. Dunno lar. You wouldnt get angry, least to me, well most of the time , even if like teased you or what. Except for very extreme cases, like you know who. Haha. So, i would say you have a good temper. Even if you are really angry you wouldnt, like affect everyone around you. Which is great. You are a very nice person. And very sporty, fun-loving, crappy, guai lan and all those shit. Its always great to have you around. Cause you always tend to lighten up the place with your shit. Haha. Its great to have known you!

End. No misunderstanding intended to be brought around in this post. -.-.

For those who havent being mention in any of the posts. Stay tune to find out how great you are.